S-4 Andarine- Powder


S-4 Andarine- Powder

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One of the most significant benefits of S-4 is preserving body mass, which it can also help improve. Studies show that andarine can provide an increase in muscle mass even without an increase in daily diet or exercise.

A side effect or a benefit actually, is your body fat decreases.



S-4 Sarms Powder

S-4 sarms powder was developed by GTX Inc. to help treat muscle wasting, BPH, and osteoporosis. SARM refers to selective androgen receptor modulators, which are research chemicals often used by athletes. S-4 is commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders to get lean muscle gains and strength benefits.

It works a lot like steroids but without the usual side effects. It is one of today’s most popular compounds used by bodybuilders and athletes for a safe way to gain more muscle mass and lose weight at the same time. More importantly, it shows promising results even for people who want to get pregnant.

Medical Overview S-4 Sarms Powder

Its primary function is to stimulate fat loss and preserve lean muscle. It binds the androgen receptors rapidly, which gives you a dry shredded look.

This particular SARM is mild compared to others, which therefore allows you to recover from the cycle a lot easier. AS a SARM, andarine binds directly to the androgen receptors in the bones and muscles. From there, it causes anabolic activity to increase protein synthesis that makes it quicker to gain muscle.

Work a lot like steroids but without steroid side effects

The difference is it does not have a profound effect on the male hormone system. At the same time, andarine does not convert to estrogen.

Andarine is an AR agonist, one of the types of chemicals acting on the androgen receptor. It binds to the receptor, detaches and then binds again, repeatedly.

It is forced to produce genes that will exclusively benefit the growth of muscles and bones. Due to the fastening and stimulation caused by S-4, the body produces more protein that allows further muscle building. It results in muscle development but without unwanted side effects just like with steroids.

S-4 does not aromatize and will not harm the liver. It is also not suppressive when properly used. It does have one notable side effect – it tends to bind to the androgen receptors located in the eyes. Fortunately, it is not harmful or permanent, so there is not much of a worry.

The only problem is you may have vision problems, particularly in adjusting from darkness to light. Your eyesight may also have a yellow tint. If this becomes a problem, you can resolve it by lowering the dosage or taking a few days off.

Benefits S-4 Sarms Powder

S-4 is recognized as the most versatile SARM as it is the first SARM to be approved for stage-2 research for being the most investigated and analyzed SARM yet. Ever since its anabolic potential was discovered, andarine’s main purpose became that of developing an alternative treatment to age-related disorders.

Besides helping build muscles, it is excellent that S-4 does not cause liver damage. Additionally, it can prevent men to have gynecomastia or enlarged breast as well as improve overall health. Since it is exclusive to tissue growth, taking S-4 does not cause heart enlargement or damage to other organs.

There are also early studies showing proof that S-4 can help with full muscle regeneration to people with degenerative disorders. There are clinically significant results showing improved lean body mass, skeletal muscle strength and loss of body fat when you correctly dose with andarine.

How to Take

You can take andarine by itself, but the results are better when stacked. It is because different compounds and drugs can work with S-4 in synergy. Various forms of the product are available as well, such as liquid, capsules, and powder, the latter being the most potent form.

The typical dosage of andarine is 50 to 75mg per day, which can be taken in split dosage in the morning and the evening. Take the powder and put into the dropper bottle along with alcohol such as Everclear then shake vigorously. Drink it and chase with juice or anything to deal with the yucky taste.

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