LL-37 (Cap-18) Peptide Vial


LL-37 (Cap-18) Peptide Vial


This Vial Containes 10mg

Patients experience quick recovery after using LL-37, is because the peptide functions using the same mechanism as innate LL-37.


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LL-37 (Cap-18) Peptide Vial

LL-37 (cap-18) is one of the best peptide used to treat antimicrobial illnesses. Bacteria are the common microbe which is fought against using LL-37. LL-37 falls under the family of antimicrobial peptides called cathelicidin. It is the only antibacterial cathelicidin which is found in the human body. LL-37 has been reported to be effective, and thus, it is recommended by doctors during an antimicrobial infection.

The significant benefits of LL-37 are:

  • can fight both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria. So, if you have a bacterial infection that has been caused by different strains, you will only take one type of medication. It is annoying to take different types of antibacterial medicines. Thus, LL-37 makes work more comfortable as it can kill all kinds of bacteria. Other than bacteria, also fights against yeast, which is a fungus. Thus, it can be used by patients suffering from yeast infections. Reports have also shown that LL-37 inactivates the viral function of herpes simplex virus.


  • It helps in wound healing. Reports say that high levels of innate LL-37 are usually found in wound sites. This means that they help in wound healing. So, by adding the levels of LL-37 in the body using the peptide, you will experience wound healing faster. It promotes wound closure by initiating the reformation of the epithelium. Thus, it is important to take this peptide if you have a wound to avoid other complications which are caused by open wounds.


  • High Chance of Fighting Disease. When you have an infection, the body transports white blood cells to the infection sites. The product increases your chances of fighting diseases because it acts as a chemo-attractant to these white blood cells, including neutrophils. This helps to drop a significant amount of pathogens from the body, and thus you fight the disease in a short period.


  • Regulates Autophagy. The body has to clean out damaged cells and then regenerate new cells. This is called autophagy. This peptide helps the body to perform this cleaning, and thus, it ensures that your body has healthier cells. This, in turn, will help in avoiding diseases which thrive when you have damaged cells.


LL-37 is a quality product which has been manufactured using high-quality mechanisms, and therefore, it is efficient. Many doctors recommend it because it offers all the above benefits within a short period.

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