HGH191AA Peptide Vial


HGH191AA Peptide Vial


This peptide HGH191AA Somatropin is a safe to use and effective peptide. It works quick and has no lasting side effects. If you are looking to handle growth failure then HGH191AA Somatropin is the right choice.

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HGH191AA peptide vial

Somatropin or the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), is a peptide hormone which is used in its human form to stimulate growth. HGH191AA peptide vial stimulates cell division activity and cell regeneration.

Medically used in the stimulation of bone and muscle growth in humans.

It is used to treat failure in the growth of children and even adults who lack natural HGH. It is ideal for individuals suffering from Prader-Willi syndrome, Noonan syndrome, Turner syndrome and other growth-related cases.


This medication is administered in subcutaneous form to treat a wide variety of conditions; ranging from growth hormone deficiency, growth failure, weight loss due to HIV, intestinal disorders amongst others. It is also administered to stimulate growth in height.

The Somatropin hormone is necessary for bone and muscle growth as well as cell production. Therefore, in the incidence of the body failing to release this hormone, medicinal HGH191AA Somatropin may be administered in the subcutaneous form via injection

Administering HGH191AA Somatropin results in the stimulation of growth hormone receptors (GHRs) throughout the body, but most significant in the muscle, liver and adipose tissue.

How to administer HGH191AA Somatropin

An individual with growth disorders is usually required to administer HGH191AA Somatropin in subcutaneous form via injection under the muscles. For an adult weighing 99-121 pounds; it is best to take a 5mg injection once a day.

Take an adult weighing 77-98 pounds is to inject 4mg of a day. Individuals weighing 76 pounds and below are advised to take no more than a 3mg injection of HGH191AA Somatropin per day.

Why go for HGH191AA peptide vial?

HGH191AA Somatropin is safe to use and effective peptide. It works quick and has no lasting side effects. If you are looking to handle growth failure, then HGH191AA Somatropin is the right choice.

Additional information

Individual who are overweight, allergic to somatropin or benzyl alcohol are advised against using this medicine.

It is also not for use by individuals suffering from cancer, medical conditions resulting in lung failure or medical trauma, diabetic retinopathy, sleep apnoea and severe breathing problem.

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